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Indoor Air Quality

In an effort to build increasingly structure (AKA Homes…) to protect himself from the elements man has created a box that can potentially hold various environmental hazards.  Earlier boxes were constructed to breath, thus were not energy efficient.  In an effort to FIX this, man redesigned these boxes to minimize energy loss and thus consumption.


Man's energy efficient building "Tight Building “creation did save energy costs, however, it came with an unintended problems.  In tight buildings which have ventilation system deficiencies and/or moisture intrusion often experience increased concentrations of dust, pollen and gases within the interior spaces of the building and permitted the growth of molds and/or fungi as well as. 


Therefore by shielding ourselves from the outside environment, we have created an inside environment with a whole new set of problems. To understand this delicate and fragile interrelationship and interdependence between the indoor and the outdoor environment, building owners and managers need to view the building as a “habitat” or an “ecosystem.”


Safety Health West's approach to resolving indoor air quality issues starts from a fundamental understanding of the building, and the people inside the building. We begin by performing an inspection of the indoor environment for visible evidence of moisture intrusion and suspect fungal (Mold) growth. Our skilled professionals understand construction methods, construction materials and general building technology, including ventilation systems.  Our inspection is designed to provide technical assistance to our clients which allows them to make informed decision on how best to meet their due diligence requirements. All microbial-moisture inspections are performed under the direction of an ACAC Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC).


Our services include visual inspections, ventilation assessment, air sampling (biologics, air toxics, chemical), sample analysis and recommendations for air quality improvement based on science and our professional judgement.

Noise Survey Services

Noise and Acoustics

Noise is technically any perceivable sound that is audible. However, in the regulatory world the legal definition of noise is any unwanted sound.  In contrast music is not generally considered to be noise even though it may be loud, because it is wanted by an individual.

When unwanted sound is in the work place and is at a level which can have a negative impact on workers then companies need to take appropriate action to reduce or eliminate it.  Whether this noise is originating from transportation, industrial, commercial or other sources, noise can significantly and adversely affect human health and the environment. Our scientists can offer a full range of environmental noise consulting services to assist both industry and government in addressing and managing environmental noise challenges.

We work closely with our clients to deliver an integrated solution tailored to their noise issues.

Noise Mapping Survey and a Manufacuring Facility
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