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Bulk Asbestos sampling of a ceiling

Asbestos Surveys & Related Services

Asbestos is the name given to a group of naturally occurring minerals that are resistant to chemicals, heat and corrosion. Asbestos fibers are known to have been used in products, such as insulation for pipes and air ducts, roofing products, floor tiles, gypsum wallboard, tape and joint compound and many other common building materials.  Asbestos was also used in respirator filters (WW1) and cigarette filters (1950's).  Asbestos types includes the mineral fibers chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, anthophyllite,actinolite. 

In the 1989 the EPA attempted a total ban, under Section 6 of Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), on the use of asbestos in products for manufacture, importation and exportation to be gradually phased in over a six-year period with a few exemptions.  However, in 1991, this rule was vacated and remanded by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into effect, creating one of the world’s largest free trade zones and laying the foundations for strong economic growth and rising prosperity for Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  Unfortunately, it also allow for unrestricted trade, including inexpensive building materials that contained low concentrations of asbestos.

At Safety Health West, we help our clients comply with Lead Base Paint and Asbestos regulations.  We provide technical insight and assistance to help them meet their due diligence requirements. (Local, State and OSHA).  Our state certified asbestos and lead based paint inspectors have extensive experience in performing this work in California and Arizona.

Lead Paint Consulting & Testing Related Services

XRF Testing for Lead Based Paint

Lead Surveys & Related Services

Lead-based paint inspection and testing are commonly performed during a property transfer or planned demolition or renovation as part of the owner’s due diligence.  Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may also require this inspection and testing.  In general, buildings constructed prior to 1978 are considered to be at risk for containing lead-based paint.

(EPA Website:

Our professionals the EPA Certified Lead-Based Paint Inspector and California Department of Public Health Lead Based Paint Inspector/ Assessor and have performed lead paint surveys in both California and Arizona.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection are typically performed using a specialized instrument, the XRF gun.  This testing eliminates the need for laboratory analysis, provides direct reading results on site, and avoids the potential generation of lead dust.

Paint chip testing may also be performed if the XRF reading are deemed inconclusive or may be used to verify readings at or near a given threshold (such as the California: 1.0 mg/cm2 or Los Angeles County: 0.7 mg/cm2).  

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